Internet Backup & Redundancy

It’s smart to select two Internet providers. It’s even smarter to select two diverse Internet providers.

In the event that one ISP were to fail, the other should be ready at all times to support your daily operations to avoid losing valuable productivity and revenues. Invest in a backup, a disaster recovery option, or a business continuity plan to ensure that your office never loses connectivity to precious cloud applications and resources.

Dual Path Redundancy

For seamless business continuity, NewConnect constructs two or more route paths from the customer location to the Internet backbone gateway. Each path terminates at two distinct, geo-diverse gateway locations and remains active at all times. Should a path become unavailable, the available path will automatically carry all traffic without any downtime or human interaction.

Dual Provider Redundancy

NewConnect will deliver its Wireless Fiber connection, as well as a third party connection, for a complete auto-failover backup solution.

Enterprise Backup

NewConnect will deliver its Wireless Fiber for primary Internet supplier. NewConnect will then work with or source a third party wireline connection comparable in performance in order to support load balancing across two diverse links for path, medium, and network diversity.

Use Case: An enterprise organization that has reached maximum utilization of its 100 MB Internet line and is looking to upgrade to 200 MB. The IT group has the option to turn to its current provider to scale or upgrade the capacity or look at another provider for the additional bandwidth.  When additional capacity is needed, is the best time to think of bringing in a second Internet feed to meet the requirement.

Standard Scenario: Company procures 200 MB with a single provider with no backup.

Best Practice Scenario: Company maintains 100 MB with ISP 1 and procures 100 MB with ISP 2 for a total aggregate of 200 MB, plus redundancy. 

The company can use its existing fiber ISP, procure a new fiber ISP, or let NewConnect source the right ISP partner for a total win/win solution. In the unlikely event that your NewConnect link becomes unavailable, your service will automatically and instantaneously fail over to a wireline connection capable of supporting normal business operations and functionality until the fully aggregated solution is restored.

Basic Backup

NewConnect will bundle and bill your Wireless Fiber primary link with a third party cable backup as an emergency failover connection. In the unlikely event that your NewConnect connection becomes unavailable, your service can automatically fail over to the cable line on a temporary basis until your premium service is restored.

Use Case: A business may lack the budget to afford multiple premium providers for business continuity, but being completely without service is not a wise decision either. Avoid expensive downtime, revenue losses, or having to send staff home for the day. During emergencies, the customer can maintain essential business operations until premium services are restored.

Standard Scenario: Company procures 100 x 100 MB with a single provider with no backup.

Best Practice Scenario: Company procures a 100 x 100 MB with its primary ISP, as well as 50 x  15 MB cable back up.

The company can procure services with a cable provider or let NewConnect source and bundle the cable back up for you. In the unlikely event that your NewConnect link becomes temporarily unavailable, your service can fail over to a cable connection to maintain essential operations until the primary solution is restored.

Never Lose Internet Connection Again.