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Authorized Vendors

NewConnect’s success is derived from maintaining laser focus on the core competency of providing businesses an exceptional Internet experience.  For complimenting services such as VoIP, Cloud, Network Support, NewConnect has evaluated the best of breed vendors in the market as NewConnect Approved Vendors (NAVs).


Nextiva is a trusted national Hosted VoIP platform that is widely used by NewConnect Internet customers. NewConnect has integrated its networks and support to provide the best of breed approach for NewConnect/Nextiva services.

IT Support

NewConnect prospects and customers turn to Virtual Network Architects for network integration, WiFi, and the Local Area Network support that best interfaces with the NewConnect access. 


NewConnect partners with Amazon Web Services, the dominant platform for Cloud based computing.  

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Building Management Partners

NewConnect has agreement with over 90% of building management portfolios to provide high speed bandwidth to its building systems and tenants.   

Agent Partners

Our agent partners help us complete the team of support for telecommunications services.

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