The Power of NewConnect

Exceptional Speeds

The highest speeds coupled with the lowest latency equals fast, very fast. NewConnect provides GIG E speeds to businesses large or small with free bursting to double your bandwidth at anytime.

Real-Time Installations

As owner and operator of its next generation regional network, NewConnect is not hampered by any third party and can deliver new service typically within 7 days of your request.

True Redundancy

NewConnect is the only diverse alternative to fiber or cable and is 100% independent from Verizon. By bypassing all provider networks, NewConnect gives its subscribers real diversity for true redundancy.

The Wireless Fiber Advantage

NewConnect’s Wireless Fiber is a proven fixed-wireless technology that powers last mile access services to enterprises and buildings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Wireless Fiber is a much faster, quicker to deploy, and the most widely available access technology for high speed, business-critical Internet access.

The Answer to Fiber-Challenged Locations

The Only True Diverse Internet for Redundancy

GIG E Access to Any Building within Sight

  • Dedicated Internet Access

  • Small Business DIA

    Enterprise Business DIA

    Corporate Building DIA

  • Ethernet Private Line

  • Private Cloud Connectivity

    Point to Point LAN Extension

    Custom Private Networks

    Carrier Last Mile Access

  • Backup & Redundancy

  • Dual Path Redundancy

    Dual Provider Redundancy

Ready to Have Faster Internet Than Ever Before?